Transcripts: Regulations Governing Issuance

  1. Official transcripts bearing the signature of the University Registrar and seal of the university for purposes of transfer of credit, certification, or employment reference are issued by direct mail or electronically to educational institutions, certification agents, and employers. Students may supply application forms or other supportive documents to be enclosed with official transcripts.
  2. All official transcripts that are placed into a student’s hands or sent directly to students are stamped “Issued to Student.”
  3. A student’s academic record is considered confidential. Therefore, transcripts will be issued only at the written and signed request of an individual student, or appropriate institutions or officials.
  4. Each transcript is issued as a complete and accurate copy of the student’s academic record as of the date of issue. It contains a record of all work attempted, together with a notation as to final grades earned, or drop status achieved, in each course. It shows total number of credits accepted in transfer from other colleges or universities. High school credits and test scores are not transmitted. Grade point averages are computed and reported with appropriate explanation as to the means of calculation.
  5. Aurora University has no authority to copy or release transcripts furnished to it from other institutions for admission or evaluation of credit. Transcripts from other institutions or testing agencies must always be obtained from the issuing institution or agency.
  6. Transcripts will be withheld until the student’s financial record with the university is clear. Until such time as this occurs, official transcripts will only be issued to potential employers.
  7. In cases of suspension, dismissal, and expulsion (or the equivalent), the transcript will be noted with the following:
    1. The general type of infraction (academic or disciplinary);
    2. The department initiating the students separation from the institution; and
    3. The effective dates or date/term ranges of students separation from the institution, if applicable.
  8. A transcript legend is included with each official transcript.