Chosen Name and Pronoun Policy

This policy allows any Aurora University student, faculty, or staff member to identify personal pronouns and/or a chosen first, middle, and/or last name to be used in lieu of one’s legal name whenever possible. There may be situations that require use of the legal name; therefore, individuals utilizing a chosen name within Aurora University should always be prepared to reference their legal names and provide corresponding identification when necessary. Inappropriate use of the chosen name policy including, but not limited to, avoiding a legal obligation, misrepresentation, and the use of offensive language may be cause for denial of the request.

Examples in which a legal name is required:

  • Enrollment inquiries and verifications
  • Financial Aid and Student Accounts documents
  • International student visa status
  • Official transcripts
  • Paychecks, pay advices, W-2 forms and other tax forms
  • Health, insurance, and medical documents/records
  • Employment verification
  • Other documents requiring legal name

Upon receipt of this completed request, AU will update all applicable systems. If this request is submitted less than three days prior to the start of an academic term, it may be necessary to defer updates to accounts until the end of that term. For students: A new login and email address will be assigned comprised of the chosen first initial, last name, and an assigned number. 

Students can complete the Request a Chosen Name form available on the Office of the Registrar webpage and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.  Students who are also employees, including student workers, should submit their completed form to the Human Resources Office.