Simultaneous Undergraduate Multiple Degrees and Multiple Majors

  1. “Multiple degrees” are defined as two or more degrees bearing different general titles as printed on the diploma. Four undergraduate degrees are currently offered by Aurora University: BA, BS, BSN, and BSW.
  2. Multiple degrees may be awarded upon completion of all requirements relevant to both degrees, provided that at least 24 semester hours in each degree are not present in the other. Separate diplomas are provided for each degree; at commencement the student will process during the ceremony based on what the student considers to be the primary degree.
  3. “Multiple majors” are defined as two or more major disciplinary areas within the same general degree title (e.g., BA in English vs. BA in History). When seeking more than one major, students must declare a primary and secondary major. Students pursing the BA in General Studies may not double major.
  4. Multiple majors may be earned by completion of all requirements for both majors, provided that at least 18 semester hours included in each major are not present in the other. A single diploma is issued showing the general degree title. Multiple majors are shown on the transcript.
  5. A BA and BS degree in the same major may not be awarded simultaneously. In those disciplines where both degrees are offered, a graduate holding one degree may earn the second degree for award at a later graduation date by completing all additional requirements for the second degree, provided that at least 24 semester hours in each degree are not present in the other.