Aurora University

Graduation Policies and Procedures

Application for Graduation Status

  1. Each candidate will file an Application for Graduation. This application is located in WebAdvisor for students who have an anticipated completion date within the current academic year.  Exception to this are the doctoral candidates who must apply for graduation only AFTER successful defense of their dissertation through their department. Submitting an Application for Graduation does not guarantee graduation, as notation of degree is driven by completion of degree requirements.
  2. Applications must be submitted by the deadline indicated on the application together with the graduation fee.
  3. There are annual commencement ceremonies following both the fall and spring semesters.  Students with a summer completion date should consult the Commencement webpage regarding commencement options.  Different locations may be subject to different commencement schedules as well.  The application deadlines and schedules are available on the Commencement webpage.

Transcripts, Examination Credit, Life and Vocational Credit, Portfolio Assessment Credit, Incompletes, Deferred Grades

All candidates for graduation must have all transcripts from other institutions; results of examination scores; Life and Vocational Experience credit; portfolio credit; removal of temporary grades (incompletes or deferred grades) submitted to the Registrar by the fifth week of the term prior to the end of the term in which they plan to graduate. The exception will be for summer candidates for graduation. Official transcripts must be received by Aurora University on or before the last day of the term in which a student plans to graduate. Failure to receive these transcripts by that date will mean that the student’s graduation status will be deferred to the next term, even though the student may have already participated in the ceremony.

Completion of Degree Requirements

Aurora University confers (awards) degrees three times each academic year.  The conferral date corresponds to the commencement ceremony date, or to the last day of the semester of completion in the absence of a commencement ceremony.  Students completing all degree requirements prior to the conferral date may request from the Office of the Registrar a letter of degree requirement completion including the anticipated conferral date for purposes of employment.

Participation in Commencement Ceremonies

Students must comply with all of the above regulations in order to receive a printed diploma and to participate in the commencement ceremonies. Students planning to graduate should give special attention to their progress in their final semester courses.

It should further be noted that it is the responsibility of the student to make satisfactory arrangements with the Student Accounts Office for all outstanding debts prior to degree conferral and the commencement ceremony. Those students who have not completed such arrangements to the satisfaction of the Student Accounts Office will not be mailed a printed diploma or official transcripts.

Graduating in Absentia

Participation in the commencement ceremony is voluntary (although we do need to know the student’s decision beforehand for planning purposes). Those who choose not to participate in person will graduate in absentia.

To Receive Diplomas

In order to receive a diploma, students must complete all degree requirements satisfactorily and be current in all financial obligations to the university.