Conditions for Aurora University Scholarship Renewal

By the end of the spring semester, students must attain a minimum cumulative GPA determined by each scholarship program, as noted in the initial university acceptance letter, to renew the scholarship for the next academic year for a maximum of four years. The financial aid staff will monitor the student’s academic progress throughout the academic year.

Renewable GPA 3.0 2.75 2.5
Scholarships Board of Trustees
Presidential Transfer
Phi Theta Kappa
Alpha Beta Gamma
Psi Beta
EDRising (Beginning 17-18)
Deans’ Transfer
EdRising (Before 17-18)
Spartan Transfer
Faculty Transfer

If the student falls below the cumulative GPA required at the end of the spring semester, he/she will automatically receive a reduced scholarship level for the upcoming academic year. The student may appeal and will be provided with detailed instructions regarding the scholarship appeal process at that time. This process requires submitting the Scholarship Appeal form located at

University Officials will review the appeal and supporting documentation and will be responsible for the final decision regarding scholarship eligibility for the next academic year. The student will be notified in writing of the decision. If approved, the student will be placed on scholarship probation and a Scholarship Probation Contract will be prescribed for continued scholarship eligibility.

If the student chooses not to appeal or if his/her appeal is denied, the change in scholarship eligibility will remain in effect. Students may receive federal and/or state aid, provided they apply for financial aid by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by all applicable deadlines and satisfy the appropriate SAP requirements previously described.

This information is accurate at all Aurora University locations and subject to change without prior notice.