Sport Management (SPM)

SPM-6220  Networking and Career Options in the Sports World  (3 semester hours)  

This course provides Plus One students with a brief introduction to the world of sport management and the types of career paths that one could pursue with a Sport Management degree. This course should give students a definitive direction for their future career choices. Students will begin the course with an overview of many of the largest industries that exist within the American sports world (agencies, professional sports, and college sports) as well as many of the various careers one may pursue in these industries (e.g., sales, marketing, finance, analytics, PR/communications, service, facility/event management, game operations, sponsorship, compliance, governance). During this time, students will meet with representatives from various teams, schools, and agencies to get first-hand knowledge of their jobs. The class culminates in a trip to Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN where students will have the opportunity to not only meet with sport professionals but also experience what it is like to work in the sports world in various capacities.

SPM-6240  Sport Ticket Sales  (3 semester hours)  

This course provides Plus One graduate students with an opportunity to learn sales tactics commonly utilized in the sport industry and to gain actual experience selling. This class will teach students the skills needed to not only sell sport products but also represent themselves in the best way possible. The format of this course includes, but is not limited to, classroom lectures, selected readings, class activities, projects, and possible field trips to off-site locations. Student assessment in this course includes written exams, homework assignments, and experiential learning projects.

SPM-6430  Sport Partnership Marketing Sales  (3 semester hours)  

This course provides Plus One graduate students with an opportunity to develop skills related to and necessary for a role in sport sponsorship. Students will become familiar with a sport organization, utilize basic sales skills to prospect for potential organization sponsors, practice the research and presentation process related to sponsorship proposals, and will then demonstrate professionalism in an end-of-semester presentation highlighting the work put into the proposal itself.

SPM-6450  Interdisciplinary Relationships in the Sports World  (3 semester hours)  

This course introduces Plus One graduate students to the important role that a head coach and athletic administrator will play in an interdisciplinary setting specific to higher education. With an emphasis on collaboration and partnerships, students will be exposed to both the micro and macro impact of the interdisciplinary relationships on a college campus.