Aurora University admits qualified students from varied geographical, cultural, economic, racial, and religious backgrounds. In each candidate, Aurora University looks for two general qualities: academic ability enabling a person to benefit from the university’s excellent programs and a diversity of talents and interests that will make our campus community a better and richer place to learn. Applications will be considered on the basis of academic ability, character, activities, and motivation. Please note that admission requirements to specific programs may be more rigorous and varied from those of the institution.

All correspondence about traditional undergraduate admission and campus visits should be addressed to the:

Office of Admission
Aurora University
347 S. Gladstone Ave.
Aurora, IL 60506-4892

For further information about admission to the university, call 630-844-5533,, or visit

All correspondence about graduate admission should be addressed to the:

Center for Graduate Studies
Aurora University
347 S. Gladstone Ave.
Aurora, IL  60506-4892

For further information about admission to the university, call 630-947-8955, email or visit  

Information regarding admissions to fully online programs may be found at  Email at or call 888-688-1147.