Graduate Course Levels and Numbering System

Note: In addition to the courses listed each program may offer, as appropriate, the following types of specialized coursework and special learning experiences:

Number Type
5810-19, 6810-19, 7810-19, 8810-19 Selected Topics
5830, 6830, 7830, 8830 Directed Study
5850, 6850, 7850, 8850 Workshop
5880, 6880, 7880, 8880 Travel Study
5980, 6980, 7980, 8980 Independent Study

Department/program is to be represented by three letters (e.g., EDU = Education, SWK = Social Work). Letter codes are assigned by the University Registrar in consultation with the appropriate Jurisdictional Academic Dean.

Course number is to be composed of four digits, with course number ranges to indicate level:

Number Level
4000-4999 advanced undergraduate, “senior” course, normally part of a major
5000-5999 graduate course that may be open to advanced undergraduates as well
6000-6999 graduate course, open only to graduate students
7000-8999 doctoral course, open only to doctoral students

Numerical suffixes are used for section numbers.


ATR5530-01 Diagnosis of the Upper Extremity – 4 semester hours

SWK6340-03 Psychopharmacology of Substance Use Disorders – 3 semester hours