Marketing (MKT)

MKT-5810-9  Selected Topics in Marketing  (Variable semester hours)  

This course will address a specific area of study in marketing not already covered by other course offerings. Prerequisites vary by topic.

MKT-6119  Consumer Insight for Marketing Decisions  (3 semester hours)  

This course is a foundational look at consumers and culture to analyze how purchase decisions are made. The course looks at consumer motivation toward goals through brand experiences. Students will draw from sociology, anthropology, and psychology as they examine the customer experience.

MKT-6200  Design for Communication  (3 semester hours)  

This course focuses on bringing marketing strategies to life through design. Students will learn how color theory, typography, digital imaging, and design convergence to develop brand meaning.

MKT-6330  Marketing Analytics and Data Storytelling  (3 semester hours)  

Data storytelling blends analysis and communication to create narratives around data to inform decisions. This course will develop students' understanding of marketing analytics from static numbers to data as a means of making meaning and adding value to an organization.

MKT-6350  Design for User Experience  (3 semester hours)  

This course builds on consumer insight to design impactful user experiences. Principles of usability, accessibility, and desirability are taught through graphic design. Students will come away with design approaches for the customer journey.

Prerequisite(s): MKT-6200.
MKT-6400  Converged Media Strategy  (3 semester hours)  

This course will look at converged media through paid, owned, and earned media strategies. Students will examine how leveraging each element of the media gets a brand in the right place, at the right time, on the right platform.

MKT-6410  Content Marketing Creation and Curation  (3 semester hours)  

This course explores how content is curated and created to achieve consumer engagement. Students will leverage their writing skills to draft customer-centric, brand-aligned messages that can be executed using converged media.

Prerequisite(s): MKT-6119.
MKT-6420  Coding Lab for Marketers  (3 semester hours)  

Students will elevate their skills in basic programming concepts such as HTML and CSS to become nimble in executing campaigns. This course will be treated as part laboratory, part collaboration as students learn how to make decisions with their coding partners and increase their ability to impact SEO.

Prerequisite(s): MKT-6119.
MKT-6530  Brand and Campaign Planning  (3 semester hours)  

This course will prepare students to solve business challenges through creative brand experiences. Students will develop an integrated marketing communication plan that aligns with a brand to achieve measurable business outcomes.

Prerequisite(s): MKT-6400.
MKT-6810-9  Selected Topics in Marketing  (Variable semester hours)  

This course will address a specific area of study in marketing not already covered by other course offerings. Prerequisites vary by topic.

MKT-6910  Marketing Innovation Capstone  (3 semester hours)  

While the customer-centric approach to marketing communication is rooted, the technology that drives execution evolves. This course will focus on using technology as a driver for marketing execution while staying true to a customer-centric mindset. The class will explore digital marketing strategies to achieve organizational outcomes.

MKT-6940  Digital Marketing and Design Internship  (3-6 semester hours)  

The purpose of the Digital Marketing and Design Internship is to enable Aurora University students to apply course concepts in a real world, applied. This experience is designed to expand on the learning experience and to integrate and reinforce skills and concepts learned in the classroom. The MSDMD internship provides a practical experience in a structured professional context. Permission of the Instructor required.

Prerequisite(s): Instructor permission.
MKT-6950  Portfolio Project  (3-6 semester hours)  

The portfolio project is available to students as an immersive preparation course to build a professional portfolio. Students will work independently and collaboratively to source, design, and display work that achieves their professional goals. Permission of the instructor required.