Application of Academic Regulations

Aurora University has traditionally allowed students to graduate under the degree requirements in effect when they entered the university if course offerings allow and if enrollment is continuous from point of entry to graduation. The university does retain the right, however, to modify the academic policies, procedures, and regulations for all students. Modifications in policies, procedures, and regulations normally become effective at the beginning of the term following their enactment or as specified in the approved form of the regulation. Academic policies, procedures, and regulations encompass such things as grading systems, transfer of credit policies, academic fees, and guidelines for applying courses toward the degree requirements.

Only those persons specified in an academic regulation may authorize exceptions or waivers pertaining to that policy. No exceptions to academic regulations or waivers of academic requirements are recognized by the university except in those cases where a student has followed the university’s procedures for obtaining such waiver or exception as published in the university’s Academic Regulations. Individual advisors or faculty members are not authorized to grant waivers or exceptions. All waivers and exceptions granted by authorized university officials must be provided in writing. All exceptions and waivers must be made in writing, with copies provided to the student and to all university offices and units having an interest or responsibility related to the regulation in question.