Tuition and Fees



Aurora, George Williams College, AU Online, and Woodstock Center

Tuition Type Tuition Cost per Semester
Student At Large $670 per semester hour
Graduate Business Programs (MBA, MSA, MPA) $580 per semester hour
MSW, MSW/MBA, MSW/MPA, PEL, Addictions Programs $618 per semester hour
Doctoral (DSW) Program $750 per semester hour
School District Cohorts/Master Ed. Cohorts $492 per semester hour
Doctoral (EdD) Program $670 per semester hour
MS in Mathematics Program (cohort) $520 per semester hour
MS Athletic Training Program $700 per semester hour
Graduate Plus One Programs $9,950
Graduate 3+2 MS-ATR Program
(SU summer internship semester)
MS Exercises Science $565 per semester hour
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) $715
MA in Mathematics Education Program $565 per semester hour

The university may also assess fees for certain services, courses, field placements, or other ancillary expenses.

General Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Course by Special Arrangement (CBSA) $130 per semester hour
Deferred Payment Fee $10 per semester hour
Regalia Fee (master’s) $135
Regalia Fee (doctoral) $160
Parking Fine $20-25
Parking Permit None
Replacement I.D. Card Fee $25
Returned Check Fee $25
Auditor Fee 50% of tuition
Student-at-Large Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $100
Transcript, Online $5
Transcript, While-You-Wait Service $25
Life and Vocational Assessment Fee $125 per semester hour

Fees Charged per Course/Registration

Fee Type Fee Amount
Athletic Training Laboratory $50
Athletic Training Practicum $50
EdD Research Software Licensing $50
Nursing Elsevier Fee (MSN) $500/semester
Nursing Clinical Fee $55 per semester hour
Nursing Laboratory Fee $55 per semester hour
MSW Field Placement Fee $50 per semester hour
Student Teaching Fee (Aurora only) $150

*Military Tuition Rates for AU Online Students Only - For active duty military, their spouses and dependents, National Guard members, and reservists, a grant equivalent to $250 a credit hour for undergraduate and graduate courses. A 10% tuition discount for qualified veterans.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for questions or information on current tuition, fees, room, board and other rates.