Graduate Transfer of Credit

Graduate level credit earned at regionally accredited institutions of higher education may be transferred to Aurora University and applied toward a master’s or doctoral degree or other post-baccalaureate programs with the approval of the director of the program to which the student is admitted. Each graduate program limits the amount of credit that can be applied toward an Aurora University degree. 

  1. Graduate credit graded “B” or better may be transferred and applied to graduate programs at Aurora University with the approval of the Graduate Program Director. Coursework graded “Pass” or “Credit” may be transferred at the option of the Graduate Program Director. The individual graduate program shall establish the minimum grades required for acceptance of undergraduate prerequisite courses.
  2. Graduate credit is transferred for application only to a specific graduate program; in the event that a student is subsequently admitted to a different graduate program, any graduate work completed at other institutions will be re-evaluated by the director of the new graduate program, and the transferred credit modified if necessary.
  3. Transfer of credit once enrolled: Once the applicant has been accepted for enrollment in a graduate program at Aurora University, it is expected that he/she will complete all coursework for the degree or certificate at Aurora University. No coursework may be transferred to Aurora University after enrollment except upon prior, written approval of the Graduate Program Director or Academic Dean, and the receipt of an approved Petition for Prior Approval from the University Registrar, obtained prior to registration for courses to be transferred.