Sport Management (SPM)

SPM-1600  Career Exploration in Sport Management  (2 semester hours)  

This course will expose students to career opportunities in sport management at all levels (private, public, club, professional, collegiate, etc.). Coverage and case studies of current professionals in the field with enhance the students understanding and development of careers in sport management. Observation, interviewing, and research on the current industry will allow students to establish goals towards a career path.

SPM-1610  Career Exploration in Sport Management  (4 semester hours)  

This course will introduce students to the theories, techniques, and principles of sport management. It will offer students an overview of the structure of the sport industry and the fundamental theories and practices within sport management. The course will provide an overview of the sport management field including the history of sport management, amateur and professional sport as career opportunities and point of study, career preparation including resume creation and the core functions within sport management such as marketing, communications, finance, economics, finance, facility and event management, and law.

SPM-2210  Sports in Society  (4 semester hours)  

This course will examine the sociology of sport and the impact sport has in society. Students will be introduced to concepts, theories, and research that explore the dynamic relationship between sports, culture, and society. Emphasis will be on the impact this dynamic relationship has on sport, management, and business. Content will explore the translation of sport research into practical application for sport managers, coaches, teachers and administrators.

SPM-2260  Technology in Sport Promotion and Programming  (2 semester hours)  

This course will examine the fundamental theories/issues in sport marketing grounded within traditional marketing principles. Instruction emphasizes unique application to the sport business industry. How technology is evolving and being utilized within sports marketing will also be explored.

SPM-2300  Coaching Principles and Techniques  (4 semester hours)  

This course addresses the fundamentals of coaching techniques, including coach-player, coach-institution and coach-community relationships. Students study the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and complete the ASEP Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid certification exams. This ASEP coaching certification is required to be able to coach in Illinois.

SPM-2620  Sport Marketing and Sales  (4 semester hours)  

This course will examine the fundamental theories/issues in sport marketing and sales grounded within traditional marketing and sales principles. Instruction emphasizes unique application to the sport business industry.

Prerequisite(s): MKT-2300.
SPM-3040  Sport Management  (4 semester hours)  

This course explores the role of sport management in athletics, club sports, intramural sports and leisure services. The course will investigate the role management in sports. It provides an understanding of the administrative aspect of a comprehensive sports program, including organizational philosophy, goal setting, financing, facilities, equipment, risk management, legal considerations, personnel management, marketing and sports information. Students will explore the choices administrators and managers deal with every day and how to use business and leadership skills to improve quality of life for all participants.

SPM-3045  Sport Law  (4 semester hours)  

This course provides a foundation for general legal concepts and familiarizes students with those legal issues they are most likely to encounter as coaches and managers in the sports industry. Topics covered include tort law, negligence, acts and amendments, contracts, compliance with codes and regulations, and the regulatory authority of the NCAA. Students will examine lawsuits and case studies that have established current laws and regulations.

SPM-3320  Sport-Based Youth Development  (4 semester hours)  

This course explores youth development through the context of sport. Students will work to develop an understanding of this interdisciplinary field by studying organizational and administrative functions of youth sport organizations, discovering sport-based youth programs in their communities and around the world, evaluating best practices, and creating/designing sport-based youth programs for implementation.

SPM-3640  Sport Finance and Budgeting  (4 semester hours)  

This course examines the financial tools that sport managers use to run thieir sport businesses. As such, it explores traditional and inonvative methods of revenue acquisition and financial management in sports organizations, the financial business structure of sports organizations, and the financial planning and forecasting processes that make organizations effective. Various other aspects of finance are discussed as they relate to sport organizations, including the time value of money, capital structuring, stocks and bonds, inventory management, and taxation.

SPM-4115  Sport Management Capstone  (4 semester hours)  

This senior-level capstone course focuses on the development of interactive management skills and career preparedness to be effective candidate in the fast-pace world of sport management. This course will meld theoretical and experiential learning to develop students' administrative and managerial skills. Coursework will build on all prior sport management classes will include exams and projects. Current issues in sport, sport management and management will be discussed. Open to sport management majors only.

Prerequisite(s): Senior Standing.
SPM-4370  Facilities and Special Events  (4 semester hours)  

This course provides a systems approach to facility management. The focus will include elements of design and development as it relates to facilities and special events. Trends in facility operations, scheduling, purchasing, equipment, maintenance and evaluative techniques will be explored. Theory as it relates to event management, administration, coordination and marketing will be examined.

SPM-4945  Sport Management Internship  (4 semester hours)  

This internship is designed to offer practical experience in agencies affiliated with sport management. The experience is intended to expand on the learning experience by integrating and reinforcing skills and concepts learned in the classroom. Students must complete 200 hours in the sport management field at an approved site. Open to sport management majors only. Students must apply one term in advance through sport management program coordinator. Must complete a background check and pass a TB test within the current academic year (cost incurred by student).

Prerequisite(s): Senior Standing.

Grading Type: Credit/No Credit