Leadership Studies (LED)

LED-1500  Foundations of Leadership  (4 semester hours)  

This course will explore historical and contemporary leadership theories, personal assessment and development of leadership skills, followership, the relationship between leadership and vocation, and begin to examine the role of ethics and developing a moral foundation in leadership. Students will be introduced to traditional leadership development strategies while also beginning to learn about group work theory and effective goal setting techniques. Content will be delivered through dynamic interactions, selected readings, experiential learning, case studies, and practical applications.

LED-2100  Leadership Ethics  (4 semester hours)  

The course will examine major perspectives on ethical reasoning, the role of ethics/morality in leadership, ethical perspectives of different regional and cultural contexts, and the role of leadership in global change and issues of conflict. Students will be immersed in selected readings from classical texts, learn multiple approaches to ethical reflection, review case studies, and engage in practical application through leadership evaluations.

LED-2320  Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership  (4 semester hours)  

Course is intended to introduce students to the nonprofit sector by examining the historical and contemporary roles of nonprofit organizations in American society, as well as a variety of nonprofit management and leadership topics, including key aspects related to nonprofit governance, how best to engage in advocacy and organizing, roles and responsibilities of boards, strategies for managing volunteers and staff, and examining critical questions/challenges that face nonprofit leaders.

LED-3880  Leadership Principles in Practice  (4 semester hours)  

This course serves as an integrative experience of the Leadership Studies program that will allow students to connect leadership theory into practice. LED-3880 can take multiple forms as either a traditional on-campus class or outdoor immersion experience that is designed to teach strategies and techniques for leading people, groups, and organizations through experiential learning techniques. Students will also sharpen their decision-making abilities, communication skills, ability to lead small/large group and accomplish difficult objectives, and capacity for followership.

Prerequisite(s): LED-1500 or instructior permission.
LED-4940  Leadership Studies Internship  (1-4 semester hours)  

The purpose of the Leadership Studies Internship is to enable Aurora University students to acquire real-world experiences in the field (e.g., internship, practicum, etc.). This experience is designed to expand on the learning experience and to integrate and reinforce skills and concepts learned in the classroom. The internship provides a practical experience in a structured field environment. Students may repeat this course involving a different field experience for a maximum of 12 semester hours. Permission of the instructor required.

Prerequisite(s): LED-3880; Senior standing. Instructor permission
LED-4990  Applied Leadership Studies Capstone  (4 semester hours)  

Course is designed to provide an opportunity that allows students to blend prior academic training with a practical application of leadership skills. This capstone will help students apply and test both leadership and group work strategies in new situations and provide opportunities for students to interact in different settings, both on and off campus, for deep, meaningful learning experiences, which may include a research project, collaborative partnerships, or other experience that can demonstrate mastery of the Leadership Studies program.

Prerequisite(s): LED-3880 or instructor approval; Senior standing.