Undergraduate Transfer of Credit

Credit earned at previous colleges with a grade of at least C- is transferable if it is nontechnical in nature, is comparable to credit offered at Aurora University, or is generally considered applicable to programs such as those offered by the university. Only credit earned at regionally accredited schools or at schools accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognized accrediting bodies is considered for transfer through the normal process. Credit considered acceptable for transfer is listed in on a student's official Aurora University transcript. Transfer credit is applied to general degree requirements with the approval of the University Registrar and to the student’s major with the approval of the Dean of Academic Administration in consultation with appropriate program faculty as needed, subject to the limitations of the university’s residence requirement and in accordance with the Academic Catalog and the Regulations and Policies Catalog. Students should be aware that some programs of the university have time limits for the transfer of credit into the major, although there is no general time limit for the university. Grades earned at other schools are used to determine transferability of credit and as a criterion for transfer admission, but are not included in the student’s Aurora University grade point average.

Credit Transfer for Students Holding Associate Degrees

Please see the “General Education Requirements for Transfer Students” section.