Center for Graduate Studies

The Center for Graduate Studies was established in 2004 to serve as a central location where adult and graduate students can obtain the information they need to make decisions about returning to school. It is an environment designed to make returning adults feel comfortable and confident when selecting Aurora University as their school of choice.

Specifically, the Center for Graduate Studies at Aurora University manages the enrollment processes for adult and graduate programs. This includes recruiting new adult and graduate students, communicating with current students, helping academic departments design new programs, and serving as liaisons between the student population and the university. The Center for Graduate Studies staff members understand the adult and graduate population. They are trained to provide unofficial evaluations of past college credits and to provide assistance to adults who want to return to school. The focus is on helping graduate students begin their programs, reach their goals, and realize their full potential.

The adult students who are interested in completing an undergraduate degree, enhancing an undergraduate degree with a certificate or endorsement, changing careers, or pursuing a master’s certificate or degree feel at home in the Center for Graduate Studies. AU’s adult and graduate programs are designed to fit an adult’s busy schedule with classes offered during the day, in the evening, on weekends, or online. The high quality and relevant programs include small class sizes taught by professors dedicated to students and their fields of interest. The experiences adult and graduate students bring to the classroom enhance the learning environment.

The primary goal of the center is to provide comprehensive service to adult and graduate students. Committed to being as informative as possible when it comes to enrollment and academic information for students, enrollment representatives help adult and graduate students make the transition to academic life and understand the policies and procedures associated with returning to college. The center is also responsible for educational outreach to the corporate sector and the community, providing information about the opportunities available for adults at AU.

The center’s mission is to provide adult and graduate students with the skills, resources, confidence, and peace of mind to make informed decisions when selecting Aurora University for continuing their education. Because of the commitment to lifelong learning, staff members stay in close contact with students. The enrollment process for adult and graduate students is facilitated by:

  • Acting as liaisons between students and the university
  • Communicating with prospective and current students regarding their academic and professional goals
  • Recruiting students and assisting them with their educational plans
  • Assisting students during the application and registration process

The Center for Graduate Studies can be reached at 630-947-8955 or