Aurora University


Prior Approval Petition

It is expected that, once enrolled at Aurora University, a student will complete all coursework at AU. When a student wishes to register for coursework at another institution due to extenuating circumstances, or to take a correspondence course, or a CLEP examination, they must file a Petition for Prior Approval seeking approval from the Registrar to make sure that the work they plan to do is not available at Aurora University, will be transferable, and is applicable toward their degree. This petition must be submitted for review prior to registering for coursework at other institutions. Students retaking courses for grade replacement must do so at Aurora University. 

After completing a previously approved course for transfer, the student must have an official transcript sent to the Registrar of Aurora University. The transcript must arrive within 30 days of the completion of the course. 

General Petition

When a student wishes to request an exemption from any part of the General Degree requirements, they must fill out a General Petition stating their request and file it with the Registrar. The student should seek approval from the academic chair and dean/executive director or designate of the program in which the student is declared as a major, and/or of the subject area of the course in question, before submitting the petition to the Registrar. The Registrar approves general petitions in accordance with guidelines issued by the General Education Committee and in consultation with the Program Chair or Academic Deans and Administrative Dean, as appropriate. Contact the Center for Student Success or the Registrar's Office for additional information.

Petition for Acceptance of a “D” on a Major

Students who wish to have a “D” applied to their major must complete a general petition and file it in the Registrar’s Office. The student should seek a recommendation and supporting statement from the Academic Dean or designate of the program in which the student is declared as a major, and supporting information from the unit in which the course was offered (if different from the major program) before submitting the petition to the Registrar. A determination will be made by the Registrar or Dean of Academic Administration as appropriate.