Aurora University

Course Modalities

Aurora University recognizes the following course modalities: face-to-face, web-enhanced, blended, and online. (All modalities may include some online components aimed to enhance learning.)

  1. Face-to-face: Face-to-face courses feature traditional instruction wherein classes meet in-person in assigned classrooms at pre-arranged times.  
  2. Web-Enhanced:  Web-Enhanced courses feature mostly face-to-face and some online instruction. The online or web-based activities may not exceed 25% of the course.
  3. Blended courses: Blended courses also consist of face-to-face and online instruction. Not less than 25% and not more than 75% of the time devoted to instruction must be online.
  4. Online courses:  Online courses at Aurora University are delivered fully online either asynchronously (Online) or synchronously (Remote).