Aurora University

Tuition and Fees



Tuition Type Tuition Cost per Semester
Full Time (12–18 semester hours) $13,200 per semester
Part Time (1–11 semester hours) $425 per semester hour
Over 18 Credit Hours $425 per semester hour
Summer Session $425 per semester hour
Travel Study/May Session $425 per semester hour
Adult Degree Completion $425 per semester hour
AU Online $425 per semester hour

The university may also assess fees for certain services, courses, field placements, or other ancillary expenses.

Room and Board

2021-2022 Academic Year (fall and spring semesters):

Aurora Board

Meals + Points Cost per Semester
175 $150 $2,130
125 $400 $2,130
10/week $100 $1,990
15/week $275 $2,560
19/week $275 $2,720

Aurora Room

Type Cost per Semester
Standard: non-a/c doubles, triples, & quads $3,010
Standard a/c-doubles, triples, & quads; non-a/c singles $3,420
Deluxe: suite, XL non-a/c singles & a/c singles $3,690

GWC Board

Meals Cost per Semester
19/week $2,450 per semester
14/week $2,280 per semester
9/week $1,300 per semester

GWC Room

Type Cost per Semester
Single (limited availability) $3,690
Standard $2,690
Expanded $1,900

General Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Activity Fee $70
Technology Fee $110
Auditor Fee 50% of tuition
CLEP Credit Recording Fee No charge
Course by Special Arrangement (CBSA) $130 per semester hour
Deferred Payment Fee $10 per semester hour
Regalia Fee--- Bachelor’s $110
International Affiliate Program Transfer $375
Life and Vocational Assessment Fee $125 per semester hour
Parking Fine $20-25
Parking Permit None
Prior Approval Petition Fee (late submissions) $30
Replacement I.D. Card Fee - Non-resident $25
Replacement I.D. Card Fee - Resident $35
Residence Hall Deposit — new students $100
Residence Hall Lost Room Key Fee - Standard Room $110
Residence Hall Lost Room Key Fee - Suite up to $310
Returned Check Fee $25
Student-at-Large tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $100
Transcript, Online Service $5
Transcript, While-You-Wait Service $25 for first copy; $20 per additional copy
Tuition Deposit $100

Fees Charged per Course/Registration

Fee Type Fee Amount
Applied Exercise Physiology $50
Art $50
Athletic Training Laboratory $35
Athletic Training Practicum $50
Biology $50
Biology/Health Science Sr. Capstone $25
BSW Field Placement Fee $50 per semester hour
BSW Watermark subscription $133
Business Golf $90
Chemistry $50
Communications/Digital Marketing $50
Exercise Physiology $50
Foundations K-12 PE $80
Kaplan Exam Prep (MCAT, GRE, LSAT) $600-2000
Nursing Clinical Fee $55 per semester hour
Nursing Laboratory Fee $55 per semester hour
Nursing Pinning Fee $25
Outdoor Rec Skills $275
Photography $60
Physical Education Fee $35
Physics $50
Recreation Administration Practicum Fee $485
Student Teaching Fee (Aurora only) $150
Sustainability $50

Nursing testing fees are determined by contract with vendor and will be added to specific courses as outlined by the School of Nursing – Estimate $600 (actual cost of exams passed through to students).

*Military Tuition Rates for AU Online Students Only - For active duty military, their spouses and dependents, National Guard members, and reservists, a grant equivalent to $250 a credit hour for undergraduate and graduate courses. A 10% tuition discount for qualified veterans.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for questions or information on current tuition, fees, room, board and other rates.

Note: Tuition and housing deposits are refundable until May 1 for fall entrants. For spring entrants, tuition is refundable until the first day of the term and housing deposits are refundable until December 15th. Tuition deposits for Summer Session are refundable until the start date of the term.